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What I should do for this to happen if there is going to be one. I have given many answers on marriage astrology and have written also some articles on that just mentioning here some of them, read those you will obviously get clue and will get your answer stil if you find it difficult, let me know I will definitely guide you further:. Hlo sir its preetijit Kaur. Time I belong to a Sikh family and a person to whom I want to get marry is from Hindu family. My mother is not agreed for love marriage.. Plzzz tell me know wat to do so that my mother got agreed for.

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Hi sir, my dob:9 Oct am, Kolkata Many have said that time for my marriage is currently going on…. Your good time for marriage is till september You will find partner of your choice.

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But you should strengthen your moon wearing pearl before that and do some remedy for mars, sun and saturn. Else your marriage will be very much delayed. After september , next 7 yrs is not good for ur marriage. When will he married?? Sir i want to know about that i have love marriage or arrange…. Or this love marriage will be success or not…sir i want to be marry with him please suggest me please…. At first I want to tell you that to remain unmarried throughout the whole life is not at all a curse. Our main objective in life should be to discover ourselves. But, in some societies, people still believe that, unmarried yoga in horoscope or to remain unmarried means everything is finished.

Reality is totally different, but to a parent how much it is painful who is living in an orthodox society that I can understand.

If you do not find any connection according to the above description from Rashi chart and D-9 of your daughter so really there is a question mark whether she will really get married or not. Do not be frustrated at all, some other ways are there also to find-out the marriage yoga. Now, among all these planets who is more stronger, and the position of that strongest planet in D Among those planets after final selection who is connected with lagna in D-9, that planet will indicate the Mahadasa Period of Marriage age and who is connected with 7th house in D-9, that planet will indicated the Antardasa of the age.

So, in this way at first find-out the marriage yoga or connection. Then the Marriage age. Read -Timing of marriage in astrology. Some other procedures are also there to find out the marriage yoga from horoscope, but those are of more advance level. If you cannot find out the marriage yoga with these tips, just let me know I will guide you further with more advance level.

In this free advice section I can guide you how to find your answer from your horoscope only, you will have to do rest of the things. The marriage related houses I have mentioned in my article, those are — 1st, 2nd, 7th and 11th. In case of love marriages another house will be involved that is 5th house. If these houses are connected with each other properly so, the marriage will happen.

These houses should be connected in Rashi and Navamsaa chart or D-9 both. If one is missing so there will be a problem in getting married. If the 7th lord or house is associated with any malefic planet so the late marriage is obvious. Now, how long it will take that depends upon the strength of marriage related houses, specially 7th and 11th house. In case of connections you will have to see — argala connection, aspect, planetary exchange or co-joining connections, rashi connection, Nakshatra connection and so on.

Till now what I have mentioned those are all of basic level judgement. I have mentioned here only basic level judgement by only keeping in mind that you are a beginner in astrology or you have only basic knowledge. If you want to know more in depth, let me know. She has Kuja dosha but in the fourth house Mars is in conjunction with Jupiter so is her Kuja dosha nullified also what about Sarpa dosha? Some people have made this yoga so scary that people just fear of those girls or boys who have this yoga.

Mangal or Mars is a fiery planet and when a fiery planet sits in marriage related house so that makes the person egoistic more than his or her partner, so it is not good sign for a marital life.

Mars is the significator of youthfulness, so after this age everything becomes normal and they can get married with anybody. In previous days — child marriage used to happen very frequently, so in those days checking of this yoga could be mandatory, but nowadays, this yoga has become meaningless. But yes, if Mars is associated with 8th house somehow, so it could be dangerous.

Astrology Yogas for a Happy Married Life, and Separation

If there is any problem so do the Astrological remedies as soon as possible. Thank you so much Guruji!

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Place of birth : Latur, Maharashtra. Can I live all my life without marriage? Venus in the Kendra from the ascendant like ascendant, and the lagna lord is in the sign of Saturn [10th or 11th] also gives an early marriage. Venus in the kendra from ascendant and the Saturn is in 7th from Venus also gives an early marriage.

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The Venus in the 7th from Moon and the Saturn in the 7th from Venus also gives timely marriage. If 2nd lord is in 11th and 11th lord in 2nd,[exchange] the native will get early marriage; Venus is placed in 2nd house, 2nd lord in conjunction with Mars, indicate marriage at the age of 22nd — 27th year, [ It may be delay marriage as compare to ancient time] The lagna lord in navamsha of 7th house, and 7th lord in 12th, marriage will be 23rd th year [delay] If 8th lord is placed in 7th house, and Venus in the navamsha of lagna lord , delay marriage If Venus in 5th house, and Rahu in 5th or 9th, there will be delay marriage.

Venus in 3rd house, 7th lord in 9th, delay marriage. Other main yoga are 1 If lagna lord and 7th lord conjoined and has near longitude. Online Vedic Horoscope. WhatsApp us.