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But as more and more people take personal responsibility for changing their own lives, honouring the unconscious, and doing what they can to change those aspects of our world that are crying out for reform, we may well mitigate some of the looming hardships that now seem inevitable.

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Although Pluto is associated with a host of dark images and themes, through its action comes a spiritual richness, an acknowledgement of our vulnerability and common humanity. Death and suffering brings people together. Although an encounter with Pluto often means that we must confront painful and fated events, ultimately it is associated with rebirth and renewal. The cycle of life continues. A recent scientific examination of tree rings from across the world, along with ice core samples from the Arctic and Antarctic regions, shows that our planet experienced an extremely cold period that began around CE, which lasted perhaps twenty years or more.

Crops failed, famine and plague spread. The population of our planet would have had no idea what was happening, nor would people have known if the climate would return to normal. Superstition flourished. Empires fell as Barbarian hordes swept cultured civilisations aside. This was the time of the Celtic legend of Arthur, a story set against the backdrop of a wasteland. Such is the mythic power of this tale that it continues to fascinate us to this day. There is very little recorded history from this time. David Keys spent many years searching for the cause and effects of this disastrous climate change.

In his book Catastrophe , which was also made into a television documentary, Keys explains that this extended cold period altered the course of history. This eruption which it is thought was so powerful that it split one land mass in two, creating the islands of Java and Sumatra had immense social and political consequences across the globe.

It is interesting to note that Neptune was then located in Aquarius, as it is today. Now we are again facing the potential for a global climatic catastrophe that transforms civilisation. Many analysts agree that the financial cost of climate change could bring about a world economic depression the likes of which we have never seen. Will we have to endure a similar global catastrophe as happened in the Dark Ages and will this be a natural disaster, or one of our own making?

The political balance of Europe was restructured at this time when Charlemagne, leader of the Franks current day France and Germany rose to power.

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He conquered many tribal cultures across Europe and converted people to Christianity. In he became the first ruler to unite Western Europe, both religiously and politically, since the fall of the Roman Empire and the Dark Ages. Charlemagne founded the Holy Roman Empire, which would last one thousand years, although its power was reduced during the 16 th Century Reformation, when Pluto was also in Capricorn.

Norse culture spread at this time. This was largely due to a period of global warming. The Vikings who had been raiding Ireland and England in the period now settled in Greenland. The population of Europe also grew. With a warmer climate, came an increase in trade leading to more prosperity. The Vikings were known for their incredible fighting spirit. They did not fear death, for after death they believed that their bravest heroes went to Valhalla, where they again would do battle with courage. Endowed with supernatural strength, Thor was the Norse god of Thunder.

Mountains would crumble as he approached.

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Two goats drew his chariot across the sky. When hungry, Thor would eat his goats and afterwards use their bones to restore them back to life with his hammer, which was imbued with both creative and destructive power. These symbols and themes goats, mountains, serpents, rebirth, creation and destruction are also those associated with Pluto and with Capricorn.

In the year the Chinese were the first to use paper currency. These paper receipts were traded and used as currency.

The goldsmiths soon noticed that only a few depositors ever wanted their gold at the same time, so they began making loans, for which they earned interest. Today, debt has reached unsustainable levels. We could now see the widespread overhaul of economic systems, and the potential collapse of some financial institutions, or stock markets. Will the imbalance in the distribution of wealth lead to revolutions or uprisings, or will there be even starker divisions between rich and poor?

Will we experience a period of global recession, or even depression? In Marco Polo set off on his trip to China, establishing new trade routes between east and west. Today China is growing as a world power. Their economy is booming.


In the most populated nation on earth, just as in the rest of the world, there is a widening gulf between rich and poor. Human rights continue to be an issue.

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In this coming cycle will the global balance of power continue to shift from west to east and what are the implications of this? Will we witness events that curb the spiralling population on earth and if not, how will the earth itself be able to provide enough for us to all survive and prosper? Meanwhile in Europe, power struggles within the Holy Roman Empire led to the establishment of the Habsburg dynasty. This powerful dynasty ruled until , reaching its peak under Charles V, during the next cycle of Pluto in Capricorn.

This cycle of Pluto in Capricorn was one of the most pivotal periods in the course of human history.

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Lured by gold, Spanish invaders under the leadership of Cortez destroyed the Aztec Empire. A few years later in the Spanish commander Pizarro overran the Inca Empire. Spain also began their conquest of the Mayans at this time.

The Spanish stole vast quantities of gold from the Americas, which helped establish Spain as one of the most powerful of all empires. The Ottoman Empire also reached the zenith of its power under Suleiman I. In the 16 th Century the Catholic Church was the most powerful of all institutions, whose leaders were often corrupt. Throughout the entire transit of Pluto in Capricorn from to , history was to witness the collapse of the authority of Rome.

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The Medici Family, wealthy patrons of the arts who commissioned many masterpieces by Michelangelo lusted for power. Several members of the Medici family held powerful positions, including that of Pope, but greed was to be their undoing. Martin Luther set the Reformation in motion when in he challenged the authority of the Catholic Church by nailing his 95 complaints to a church door in Wittenberg, Germany.

When Pope Clement VII fled, he melted down all the gold artefacts and took as much as he could with him. Pope Clement died in marking the end of an era. From Neptune was once again located in Aquarius. The last time Pluto was moving through Capricorn spanned the years when the American Revolution took place, then came their Declaration of Independence. Coming to the throne in , the French King and Queen were highly unpopular because of their extravagance and lack of skill in managing the French economy.

The stark divisions between rich and poor would lead to the French Revolution. Meanwhile, European colonial power reached new heights. Though slavery was outlawed in Britain in , the African slave trade increased dramatically in this era, particularly throughout the southern states of the US. The burning of coal began on a massive scale. Now we are set for a new kind of Industrial Revolution, as obsolete and environmentally damaging technologies are overhauled and replaced by new systems that are sustainable.

With the Industrial Revolution came massive growth in business and banking. A new system of corporate ownership meant there was less government regulation in business. This led to increased competition. In , Scottish economist, Adam Smith published his Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, which was the first attempt to study industry and commerce. This work laid the foundation for modern day economics.

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Now we must adopt a new economic model to take us forward into a sustainable future. Will new regulations come into force to curb the power of the multi-nationals? Apart from environmental degradation and climate change, a number of other pressing issues must now be faced. In many countries, including Australia, our ageing population is predicted to cause economic problems.

Low birth rates combined with longevity have led to a demographic shift of enormous proportions that is set to bite our hip pockets as Baby Boomers Pluto in Leo generation begin to retire from the workforce. In late economists predicted that in Australia alone, the shortfall in tax will be somewhere in the order of 2.