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They love being adventerous and have an awesome smile. They tend to get into relationships with other fire and air symbols. They get a bad rep because of people like Miley Cyrus and Brittany Spears. They often have a rebellious spirit and hate responsibilities and lots of rules. But, they easily get in fights because they have a spicy attitude.

Sagittarius Sign Traits Overview

Overall, they make great friends and are awesome. The End. They are cultural and often have a keen eye for fashion and trends. The ninth sign of the zodiac. November December Physical Traits -usually tall -have a broad or high forehead -large proportioned body -whispy hair -a broad smile Good Traits Sagittarians are described as being good natured, honest, enthusiastic, highly intelligent, idealistic, and humorous.

Their personalities are a mixture of outgoing confidence with a laid back appeal, which makes for a friendly disposition. They have a great sense of the world at large, whether it be current events, fashion, music, or art. They have a free-wheeling spirit and hate to be tied down to responsibilities. This enables them to either travel or take on intellectual pursuits. They usually sum up situations with a broad brush, because of this, they are able to look outside of the box for most situations and give a philosophical opinion.

They are HUGE risk takers and are attracted to extreme sports. When in love, they are very enthusiastic and over the top. Because of their "can do" attitude, they are happy to take on task and are loyal and responsible. Bad Traits Sagittarians are known to be very outspoken individuals and are known to be very frank and blunt. Usually, their words are not meant to be mean or spiteful, they are just very honest individuals who cannot beat around the bush. They tend to be high strung when faced with demands and at times arrogant and narcissitic. They will, at these times , be inconsiderate of others feelings.

Because of their independent natures, they abhor rules and are known to have a devil may care attitude when restricted or labeled. This often leads to risky behavior, such as promiscuous acts, and delving into alcohol and recreational drugs. They are prone to high levels of anger when they feel that they are being taken advantage of or lied to.

Sagittarius Love and Sex

Difficult difficult lemon difficult Chocolate Sundae MAMIL The Situation TTUN Make It Up Sana All Sagittarius is a sign that loves to roam and wander. They don't like to be stuck in a routine that is boring and repetitive. They curiosity about all things drives them to have an adventurous lifestyle that allows them to move around and indulge in their love for questioning the world, dreaming about its mysteries and experiencing all the best pleasures it has to offer.

Most have a large group of friends that they have accumulated during their travels, all who all have different lifestyles, opinions, tastes and experiences.

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This zodiac sign can be rather impatient with people who are happy staying in their routines or accepting things without questioning other possibilities. They seem to have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge - and this becomes rooted in their character.

You might know a friend born under Sagittarius that perhaps they feel pulled towards Eastern philosophies, and is eager to share those views with you. People who fall under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius tend to be highly intelligent and need lots of mental stimulation to keep themselves motivated and happy. There outgoing, compassionate nature means that this can be something that they are good at teaching others to enjoy. A black and white list of zodiac sign characteristics formatted for printers.

These signs inspire spontaneity, intuition, and passion in others

Includes keywords, planetary rulers, symbols, elements and modalities. Those born under the zodiac sign Sagittarius are some of the most optimistic people in the world. They are lovers of humanity and of the human experience, making them friendly people filled with warmth. As the philosopher of the zodiac signs, they love too sharing their optimism, lifting others up from their mundane reality into discovering new worlds and possibilities to explore.

That innocence seems to bring them quite a bit of luck - their openness to new experiences means that even though they may just float through life with not a care in the world, they are always at the right place in the right time. In all aspects of their lives, people born under Sagittarius will be creative, whether it is in work situations, their friendships, and the path that they take in life. They love new experiences and are never afraid to try new things or visit new places.

They will push those around them to do new things and to make themselves grow. Their intelligence, especially their emotional intelligence, makes them great friends and listeners.

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They tend to be very interesting people because of their knowledge of many things, and the many stories from their travels. Additionally, it can be difficult to keep a Sagittarian in one place for a long time, as they get bored rather easily. Sometimes that means that they can change their minds very quickly, meaning that they come off as rather fickle. Alas, trying to tie them down will only be a mistake in the long run.

Practically, this translates to becoming bored with small details. They often come up with ambitious ideas that they don't follow through with. They can get distracted by other projects and desires, and not because they aren't capable of getting things done.


They are quite capable, only that they just find it difficult to fully apply themselves, especially if the projects are long term. Get the Claves Astrologicae, a card astrology oracle deck. Use the zodiac, the planets, the houses and the phases of the moon to guide you. In love and relationships, those born under the Sagittarius zodiac sign need to have constant adventures and opportunities to grow to remain interested.

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You may have guessed that the centaur finds it difficult to commit, since their freedom is of the utmost importance to them. The live for the chase, and are often hard to pin down. The benefits of this are that they expect as well as give lots of freedom to their partners, for they know how important it is to have space to grow, explore, and develop as individuals. They tend to need partners who love adventure, travel and spirituality as much as they do.

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  7. You might find quite a few that enjoy hiking, sports and physical activity, as well as all things that prove challenging. Always enthusiastic, they are curious and passionate about love and their optimism is another gift that they will share with their partners. While they seem to love talking about everything under the sun, one thing they will have difficulty speaking about is their feelings. Always living in the present, their love for their partners will be earnest, sincere and true, though sometimes fleeting. Friends and family will love the stories and insights that their Sagittarius has.