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Ancient knowledge is one of the profound abilities Sirans retain. Similar to their Andromedian or Pleiadian star brothers and sisters, they are profound energy healers. It is quite common for Sirians to be more involved in healing on an intellectual level then hands-on healing. Often they develop into teachers of the healing arts instead of healers themselves.

Sirians are seekers of knowledge who effortlessly study at several Universities in various star nations. They master their signature abilities mostly for the reason of understanding it, so they can correctly document it in the Book of Light. According to legend, when the big flood came, Lemurians were lead to live and thrive under the ground. After the flood, they emerged from the inner Earth and are known as Natives whose mission was to bring wisdom, knowledge, healing and technology.

It has been said that some ancient Lemurians still live in the Crystal Cities in the inner Earth, together with other beings. Sirian starseeds have special connection to Lemurian crystals because they encoded them with Light codes of the ancient knowledge. Siriens were aware of the fact that during an incarnating process all higher vibration beings have to lower their vibrations into 3D reality of the Earth realm to be able to sustain in the physical body. That is what we are still experiencing today.

Library of Light. While there, our energy is greatly enhanced allowing the ability learn all that is desired. You will start to feel plugged into the Universal energy flow, knowing and understand anything you want. When finished receiving the Light Record information it will depend on your own Light energy and mind capacity how much knowledge you will retain in your conscious mind. This means that when you meditate and access information with the assistance of your guides and then come back to your physical energy, you may not remember all the information that you felt you knew.

All the information, you gained in your meditating journey, is stored in your unconscious memory, even thought your conscious mind cannot instantly recall it. Forgetfulness is common because knowledge should be protected. When evolved enough to use and share all the ancient information with integrity, honesty and only for the highest interest of the Universe, you will remember everything. Another reason for forgetfulness is you are accessing higher dimensional vibrations or knowledge and then lowering it down to the 3D physical reality.

Once again, your own vibrations will need to be higher.

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For example, you may need to go through an ego-transforming journey before remembering ancient truths. It is necessary for you to work on your Light body, preparing your physical vessel, so that you may hold this higher vibrational information within, and then use it for the good of others. Sacred Geometry in Architecture. When starseeds from various star nations incarnate on Earth, they have many reminders of who they are and where they came from, standing right in the front of their eyes. To some they are just buildings, but to those who are sensitive to energy; they are infused with the ancient energy and knowledge that unconsciously speaks to them.

When you are ready you will consciously access and understand this energy and meaning. Just like crops circles that appear in the fields, to some it is a skillful art and to others it is a coded message. The question is, are you evolved enough to read and understand the message?

What is a Starseed?

Just as Lyrans were inventors of DNA merging, Sirians are the masterminds behind preserving memory and energy within the depths of the Earth. They preserved their ancient energy within buildings, such as the pyramids. Their senses of hearing and smelling are tremendous. Usually Sirian starseeds can easily view auras, energy, spirits, etc.

Starseed Markings in your Birth Chart

They can communicate telepathically, remote view and tele-transport to different places. Their psychic and cognitive abilities are astonishing. Sirian Starseeds on Earth. Sirian starseeds have beautiful, strong and grounded warrior energy. They have a huge urge to help people and fight for their rights. Others perceive them as very strong, not by size but mentally. They will always be very involved and concentrated when it comes to finishing these challenges. Vegans are very caring and will do anything to help others. They are especially weak for children and will care for them with all their hearts.

They will be there by your side in times of difficulty and make sure you are never left alone in your bad times. This is their coveted trait. Vega starseeds are the life of the party. Everyone likes them because they are so friendly and nice to others. These beings have empathetic traits which make them sensitive and understanding and thus they can connect to all kinds of people, no matter what their background is. This is why people are very fond of them and Vegans are highly respected by all. Share this article with your friends and family to spread the knowledge about Vega starseeds.

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